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fill out this form and in doing so create a design brief for me to work from. When you come to our one-on-one meeting; I will be prepared with some ideas that are tailored to your preferences. please add as much information as possible. Things like your favourite gem, colour, any items or memories with special meaning or symbolism, your spending budget for the project, any special quote etc...


Your spending budget for a custom made jewellery project needs to be realistic in terms of the amount of time that will go into it, and what materials we use.  The higher your spending amount will allow for beautiful add-ons like traditional hand engraving, thicker gold, bigger gemstones etc.

The design consultation including sketches and various design options, includes gem sourcing and therefor time spent.
Consulting, designing and sourcing fee starts at $300 USD for individuals and $500 for couples - paid at first one-on-one meeting.



Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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