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You've clicked on this page because you'd like to have one or two pieces designed and made. Not mass produced in a factory but made by a professional that will keep in mind things like where you will wear it to, your skin tone, hair colour and style, special memories, symbols, music you love, the list goes on... You're here because you have an appreciation for human ingenuity, all things hand-made, and you'd love to be able to wear your ring proudly because of the fair trade gemstone you chose to be added to it.

You've come to the right place...

Book a one on one appointment with design Ryno Spence to get good advice, beautiful ideas and sketches and an all round fun experience.

Just fill out the form with all your details and add your pinterest ideas board to it as well.

Further details:

Design consultation fee for individuals with one item - $300 USD

Design consultation fee for individuals with two or three items or couples wedding rings - $500

What the fee covers:

Design meetings and fittings

prototype or mock-ups for try on

stone sourcing

design sketches

After completing all these steps we are ready to start making your jewellery.

Budgets to keep in mind for custom jewellery :

Wedding band sets in gold aprox. $3000 

Engagement rings aprox. $1500 - $8000

Special gem request / larger diamonds/high grade gems/fair trade gems $10000 - up

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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